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Featured project:  Youth v gov

"YOUTH v GOV takes an intimate look at a group of youth plaintiffs, ages 10–21, as they embark on the ground-breaking and possibly most important climate change litigation of the 21st century, what Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein have called the “most important lawsuit on the planet right now.” Coined the “modern David vs. Goliath” story, this film take us on their journey as they fight the US government and the fossil fuel industry to secure their legal right to a healthy atmosphere and a stable climate for not only their generation, but for generations to come. What began on Mother’s Day in 2011 with legal actions across the US has now culminated into a federal lawsuit against the US government for our leaders’ collective failure to protect our atmosphere in trust for their future. The youth are joined in their lawsuit by Dr. James E. Hansen – the world’s leading climate scientist and the lead plaintiff for future generations.

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